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About Us

Day Skinner

Busy Boss Life is a black-owned business that empower individuals to invest in themselves through self-care. I, Day Skinner (Founder), am committed to producing products and services that empowers people of all ages to feel beautiful and confident in their skin!

I provide customized skincare services for each client’s individual needs. After identifying your skin type and concerns I’ll formulate a skincare plan to best achieve your skin goals and maintain healthy-looking skin.

Why stop there?! Busy Boss Life also offers beauty products that instantly enhance your appearance without damaging your natural beauty. Busy Boss Life’s reusable magnetic eyelashes are quick and easy to apply even for the busiest individuals. Whether it’s a facial, brow tint, or magnetic lash application Busy Boss Life has what you need to treat yourself right.

Many of us spend so much time caring for others that we neglect our basic self-care needs (i.e: water, sleep, proper hygiene, and nutrition). Guess what?!? Your skin shows signs of this neglect! That’s where I come in. I’m here to remind you to put yourself first now and then. Treat yourself right, by enhancing your natural beauty to look and feel your authentic best.

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